Bobby Zimmerman's favorite songs

Dylan’s crazy website, immaculately set up by the always thoughtful SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.  If you’ve ever wondered how many times “Desolation Row” has been performed live, you’re in luck (365 times from August 28, 1965 to November 26, 2010).  The site includes lyrics for every song, well worth reading along with the many, many tracks of the original singer-songwriter.  Among the man’s favorites to play seem to be “All Along the Watchtower” (performed 1,928 times), “Like a Rolling Stone” (1,816 times), and “Highway 61 Revisited” (1,569 times).  He really wasn’t kidding about that neverending tour.  Fans are also free to puzzle about the songs that Dylan’s only played a handful of times.  ”Buckets of Rain,” played November 18, 1990, fifteen years after it was released, and never again?  It’s possible that rock and roll’s mischievous and mysterious gypsy king likes nothing better than making you ask why.